Automation lines with Antropomorphic Robots, Scara, Delta or Cartesian Axis, depending on the space and the kind of application.

Manipulation and slicing


    Palletizing / Depalletizing

    We are experts in providing solutions for each End of Line, adapting our standard products and creating solutions to fit each necessity.
    We analyse each of our clients needs, making an Evaluated Study first of all and furthermore developing a Project Draft, the purpose of which is to find the best solution for each case.
    The formalization of each project is given with the results and analysis of the Draft, always using the best mediums when it comes to development and simulation, achieving the highest possible optimization and productivity with the projects execution.

    Robotized palletizing offers great flexibility when it comes to stacking boxes of different formats and sizes: from low to high productions, with the possibility of designing layers of different formats at high speed in relation to manual or portico palletizing.

    • Systems with code identification and selection with quality identification, artificial vision systems, bar-code, traceability control, etc.
    • Piece manipulations at their exit from the production chain for packaging, palletizing or crate loading.
    • We find the most adequate means for processes of palletizing, de-palletizing, packaging, wrapping and bundling of all kinds of products: food, delicate pieces, heavy pieces, sacks, boxes and bottles.

    Manipulation, loading and downloading products.
    One of the demands for consumer product manipulation, due to its compact size, speed and high precision movement.
    Applications developed to fit the productive needs of our clients, with high range flexibility in movement execution and programming, offering the possibility of equipping the installation with and artificial vision system, if necessary.

    Vision-guided robotic loading cell or assortment packer

    The machine comprises a robot mounted on a frame which overlaps two feeding conveyors running in parallel. One conveyor is feeding the products and another the cartons. The robot picks the products randomly moving on the conveyor belt and places them into the moving cartons. The instantaneous location of moving products is computed by the vision system acquiring images from a stationary camera. Meanwhile a registration sensor is used to track the position of the cartons. This is the accurate tracking of both conveyors which enables the robot to pick and place products from one running conveyor to another.

    Robotic control system

    Robotic systems can be used efficiently either as a Primary infeed module or as a Secondary or End-offline loading solution.

    With the integration of robotic software object libraries into IEC controllers, robots have become easy to deploy and easy to maintain which promotes greatly their use.

    Machine mainfunction groups

    1. Product infeed conveyor: A servo-controlled conveyor belt conveys products which are randomly spaced on its surface.

    2. Product detection and registration: A vision camera and an encoder register the positions of the products and store dynamically the values in a FIFO data buffer before being sent to the robot.

    3. Carton infeed conveyor: Two servo-controlled lateral chains are provided with indexing lugs which engage the front side and back side of the carton.

    4. Carton detection and registration: An encoder and a registration cell register the position of empty slots in the carton and store dynamically the values in a FIFO data buffer before being sent to the robot.

    5. Robotised transfer system: The Delta-3 robot picks moving products and places them into moving containers.


    The Food Security standards and the growth of productive demand, has enabled us to develop our slicing systems with robotized cells.

    We have more than 10 years of experience with slicing machines at our back, developing and building our lines using the newest technologies in order to make water, blade and ultrasound slicing.
    We create applications for escariado and slicing in the baking, pastisserie, cheese and other food product industries. 


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