Scada system

Line Automation

We develop programs using PLC's from different brands (Omron, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique, etc ..). We can offer centralized, decentralized systems based on different network topologies. (Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, DeviceNet, Modbus, etc ..)

  • New lines
  • Modification and improvement of lines to avoid wastage
  • Improvements to increase production
  • Adaptation of changes to new products to be manufactured

Process Control

  • Productive
  • End of line adaptation for audits
  • User control
  • Wireless communications (triangulation, radio, wifi, ethernet ...)


Elecproy has the tools and knowledge necessary for programming SCADA systems.
The SCADA system allows us to control and supervise industrial processes from a distance. Provides feedback in real time with field devices (sensors and actuators), and controls the process automatically. The implementation of the SCADA system allows us to receive all the information that is generated in the production process (supervision, quality control, production control, data storage, etc.) and allows its management and intervention.

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Formulation
  • Data acquisition
  • Web communications

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