Line automation using Anthropomorphic, Scara, Delta or Cartesian Axes robots ...

End of robotic line

Palletizing and Depalletizing

We are experts in providing solutions for each End of Line, adapting our standard products and tailor-made solutions for each need.
We analyze the needs of each client, carrying out an A priori Valued Study, and later developing a Preliminary Project, whose objective is to find the best solution in each case.
The realization of the project is given by the results and analysis of the preliminary project, always using the best means both in development and in simulation, achieving the highest possible optimization and productivity with the Project execution.

Robotized palletizing offers great flexibility when stacking boxes of different sizes and formats, from low to high productions, with the possibility of designing layers of different formats at high speed compared to manual or gantry palletizing systems. < / p>

  • Systems with identification and selection of code and identification of quality and / or selection of object, with artificial vision systems, barcode, traceability control, etc
  • Handling of parts leaving the production chain for packaging, palletizing or container loading.
  • We find the most suitable proposal for the processes of palletizing, depalletizing, packaging, bagging and wrapping of all kinds of products: food, delicate pieces, heavy pieces, bags, boxes, bottles, etc ...


Handling and Cutting

Food safety standards and increased production demand have allowed us to evolve our cutting systems using robotic cells.
We have more than 10 years of experience in cutting systems, developing and manufacturing our lines using the latest technologies to perform cutting by water, blade or ultrasound. </ p >

We carry out scarifying and cutting applications in the bakery, pastry, pastry, cheese and other food products industry.




Robotic load cell for artificial vision

Handling, loading and unloading of products. One of the most demanded solutions for the handling of consumer products, due to its compact size, speed and movements with great precision.
Applications developed to measure according to the productive needs of our clients, with wide flexibility in the execution and movement programming, offering the possibility of equipping the installation with an artificial vision system, if necessary.

The machine consists of a robot mounted on a structure that superimposes two supply conveyors operating in parallel. One conveyor belt supplies the products and the other the carton packs. The robot picks up the products that move randomly on the conveyor belt and places them in the moving cartons. The instantaneous location of moving products is calculated by means of the vision system that captures by means of a fixed camera. Meanwhile, a registration sensor is used to track the position of the cartons. This precise tracking of both conveyors allows the robot to pick and place products from one running conveyor to another.

Robotic systems can be used efficiently either as a primary power module or as a secondary or end-of-line charging solution.

By integrating robotic software object libraries into IEC controllers, robots are easier to implement and maintain, greatly enhancing their use.

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