Artificial vision

Labeling, sealing, inspection, pick & amp; place applications
Sysmac platform
Integrated vision and synchronism

Artificial Vision allows you to analyze 100% of your production.
At Elecproy we study each case to optimize the needs of the application as much as possible.

Vision performance improves on other technologies in all fields

  • Quality control of 100% of the production
  • High response speed (real-time inspection)
  • Unique technology for certain control processes
  • Objective and constant verification
  • Possibility of communicating results to a computer or central control
  • Verification in places inaccessible to people or in very fast processes

The contributions from the economic point of view are remarkable:

  • Improved inspection speed so production speed also increases.
  • Reduction of labor since the inspection is carried out automatically and not manually.
  • Increase in quality and therefore decrease in possible rejections.

Custom projects

To assess whether the implementation of an artificial vision system is necessary, we previously conducted a study at our facilities to determine the appropriate equipment and type of lighting. If the project is viable, the economic proposal is presented and if it is accepted, we assemble the equipment on the production line at full capacity.
In this way, the client is sure that the vision equipment will comply with the 100% of the inspection and quality needs required.

Our objective is to advise our clients on their high-performance industrial, scientific and security applications, offering them the most advanced components and vision systems for their needs: lighting, optics, vision cameras and sensors, capture plates and process, intelligent vision systems, artificial vision software and accessories.


Quality inspection

  • Verification of expiration date
  • Verification of batch number
  • Reading product description
  • Bar code, matrix or others


Quality inspection

  • Food packaging
  • Adhesive cords
  • Bags

Faults and imperfections

Quality inspection

  • Surface with defects
  • Presence / absence of components
  • Product break
  • Correct cap placement
  • Fill levels



  • Color tone
  • Measurement size
  • Determined shape
  • Component position
  • Counting elements



  • Sorting of boxes to palletize
  • Sorting of pallets
  • Automated storage

Process control

  • 3d control for correction and reorganization of the product
  • Tracking and guiding for pick & amp; place
  • Positioning of cutters
  • Synchronism and guidance


We integrate packages designed for exclusive applications, which meet the quality control requirements of each process:

    FLEXPECT - PHARMA is the ideal choice for those companies that demand an automated and economical inspection solution, with additional software functions, that allows to validate the system in accordance with the 21 CFR Part 11.

    • User administration
    • Audit log
    • Creation and export of configuration data
    • Program revision history

    FLEXPECT-LABELLING has been designed to provide custom capabilities for inspecting labels and packages.

    • OCR / OCV
    • Code reading (barcodes, two-dimensional codes)
    • 360 °, bottle inspections
    • Processing elements in real color
    • High resolution
    • Easy and intuitive configuration

    FLEXPECT-GLUE BEAD allows you to inspect the complete seal of a vehicle's parts in a single pass. Its quick and easy setup, as well as its automatic trajectory calculation function, make it a powerful and straightforward solution for any sealing application.
    Inspection of sealing beads:

    • correct path
    • thickness
    • interrupts

    FLEXPECT PV offers a number of custom functions for wafer alignment and checking for imperfections and cracks.

    • Simple and intuitive configuration
    • Automatic PV wafer extraction and teaching
    • Precise inspections by high resolution cameras
    • Automatic robot calibration
    • Dimmed lines and conveyor belts
    • Dimmed lines and conveyor belts

    FLEXPECT PICKING offers adaptive functionality for precise positioning and alignment in Pick & amp; High speed place.

    Easy and guided configuration through an application wizard
    Simple automatic calibration
    High-speed cameras and positioning algorithm
    Simultaneous quality inspection
    EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP, TCP / IP


    All Omron Delta robots are integrated into the new Sysmac Automation Platform. Sysmac consists of a new machine controller (NJ CPU) that integrates motion control, logic, communications, visualization, vision and now robotics.

    Up to 8 Delta robots can be controlled with a single CPU, and apart from that, it can control up to 192 devices such as drives, servos, remote I / O, vision etc ... all through the fastest machine network on the market: EtherCAT. < / p>


    Omron robots integrate artificial vision thanks to the new vision sensor (FQ-M) specially designed for Pick & Place applications.

    In these types of applications, synchronism and rapid detection of objects play a fundamental role, well, the FQ-M has an integrated encoder input that greatly facilitates synchronism with the conveyor belt and, in addition, it is capable of detect up to 5,000 pieces / min with 360 degrees of rotation.


Vision systems help you optimize your production processes, linking the capture and processing of images at high speed, to compare images that help inspect products through a manufacturing process, helping companies reduce waste and duplication of work.

We have different models depending on each of the application needs.

  • FQ2

    FQ2 / Vision Sensor

    Easy handling / Clear images

    The new benchmark in image inspection and code verification.
    The FQ2 vision sensor family is ready to redefine the vision sensor market with advanced inspection technique and code reading and verification that were previously only available on higher-end vision systems.

    With over 100 camera options, the FQ2 family provides users with maximum flexibility to carry out all applications. Whether you need high resolution, code reading, built-in lighting, or an inexpensive solution to accomplish a simple task, there is an FQ2 to meet your needs.

    • Versatile product range with powerful features
    • Sharp images
    • All-in-one case
    • Simple detections with the ShapeSearch II function
    • Marking on the part itself (DPM)
    • Exclusive OCR technology
    • Code verification
    • Advanced inspection

    Xpectia FZ5 / Flexible Vision Sensor

    The simple, flexible and clear solution

    The new FZ5 solution combines the advantages of a smart camera and a powerful vision system in a single platform. The unique sharpness of your images provided by your smart camera makes system setup easier, speeds up setup, and enhances your viewing potential.

    • Clear image
    • True color processing (16 million colors)
    • C-mount and smart cameras
    • Communication via EtherNet / IP and TCP / IP

    Xpectia FH / Flexible Vision Sensor

    Faster machine with high operating precision

    The new FH vision systems have been specifically designed for seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers, and robot control systems, and are perfectly suited to machines of all types of high-speed manufacturing. < / p>

    FH vision systems feature a new, exceptionally efficient vision algorithm, high-speed image bus, quad-core processing, and fast EtherCAT communication. An added benefit is that FH vision systems are fully compatible with Sysmac Studio automation software.

    • Quad core processing
    • Fast EtherCAT communications
    • Innovative ShapeSearch III algorithm
    • Up to 8 high resolution cameras
    • Compatible with Microsoft® .NET
    • Compatible with Sysmac Studio automation software
  • FQ – CR1 y CR2

    FQ - CR1 and CR2 / Code reader

    FQ-CR1 All codes in one touch

    The new FQ-CR1 compact code reader enables accurate, reliable and easy 2D barcode and code reading thanks to its outstanding sharp image technology, which it shares with the other products in our valued sensor family of vision CF.

    • 1D code reader
    • 2D code reader
    • Sharp image
    • Instant control via simple icon menu

    FQ - CR2 / Barcode and 2D reader for demanding applications of pressed and molded codes

    The FQ-CR2 makes it possible to obtain a stable reading of codes molded or pressed into objects, such as the automotive or electronics sector. Automatic adaptation of settings ensures identification of inspection conditions in which even the most complicated codes can be read correctly.

    • It is optimized for reading pressed or molded codes on metal, glass, circuit boards, etc.
    • Automatic modification of the settings to obtain the best reading condition
    • IP67
  • FQ2-CH / Code reader

    Date and batch code checker

    The FQ2-CH is the ideal solution for the verification of date and lot codes on packaging lines. Thanks to double speed and recognition even of angled or difficult-to-read text, the sensor allows you to avoid costly product returns or the installation of expensive vision systems.

    • Optimized for verification of date and lot codes on packaging lines
    • Double speed
    • Speed compensation for angle pressing
    • IP67

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